Step 1

We remove the length of the bangs until 14 cm long. There is no need to cut off a lot, because the hair should lie, after combing to the back.

You do not need to round the left side, there should be a right angle, in order for the hair to lie from the temple to the top of the head. With a shaver, clean the area at the neck and 2 cm above the right ear.

The length of the hair at the temple is from 9 mm, on the right side and gradually decreases to 0 (to the border passed with by the shaver). Borders should not be visible; cutting by filing scissors is required.

Step 2

The length of the bangs is 13-14 cm, and the length of the hair on top of the comb is gradually reducing towards the back of the head to 9 cm long.

Step 3

The length of the shaved line is 13 cm, and the width near the forehead is 3 cm and reduces towards the top of the head.

The hair length is 3 mm and a smooth transition to the top of the head. The hair on the top of the head must stay.

Step 4

The hair on the top of the head should not hang down. Smooth transitions should be everywhere, all transitions should be cut by filing scissors.